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Mauve - Purple - Violet

According to the institute of color, mauve, purple, violet are colors that represent, spirituality, wisdom, delicacy and serenity.


In a more sorrowful context, it represents loneliness, melancholy, sadness and jealousy.

Which brings us to our clientele ...

Nombre de personnes de 50 ans et plus vivant au Québec en 2020
3 495 180  
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Our clientele

Our main clientele, seniors, who are they?


They hold wisdom, wit, and often serenity just like the color.


Unfortunately, loneliness, melancholy and sadness are often part of their daily life.

It is said in psychology, the color PURPLE represents the need for advice, protection, guidance, to have a goal, to find meaning, for integrity and honesty.

That's why it's the proper nickname for the Mécanisme d'Assistance pour Usagers Vulnérables!

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Couple aîné