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Concerned about the well-being of your residents, do you want to offer them certified recreational activities? We have different options adapted to your environment.

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At the heart of our action


Physical training

- Certified Yoga Program.
- Supervised warm-up and physical stretching

- Physical activity program.

Every challenge is an opportunity and, through this initiative, we ensure that our seniors are stimulated.


All in the perspective of avoiding deconditioning.

Board games and entertainment

Cognitive and playful
Ideal for socializing, working on memory, sharing between generations.

UNO, OKO, BINGO, craft activities, SKIP-BO, Scrabble, Double meaning, Childhood memories, ...

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Special events

Do what it takes

Residents' birthdays, "Beach party", Theme day, Santa Claus tour, Karaoke, and more


Disponibles maintenant

Activités clés en main
Activités adaptés aux besoins et aux capacités des résidents de votre RPA
Durée des activités: 120 minutes ou selon la capacité et l'énergie des usagers
Multiples activités stimulantes, motrices et cognitives. 
Animatrices formées par le MAUV
Activités répondants aux normes de la certification du MSSS.

Triweekly option

12 to 15 activities a month.


The most diversified schedule for your residents.

You offer them a chance to test the program's new activities. 

Biweekly option

Eight to ten activites per month.


Ideal option for a group that loves to balance physical and cognitive activities.

Weekly option

Four to five activities per month.


You wish to install a stimulating routine for your residents?

This option promotes socialization among them.

 Bimonthly option

That is to say two to three activities per month.


This option is perfect to initiate your residents to a healthy program.

Monthly option

That is to say one activity per month.


You wish to have special a extra activity for your residents, this option is ideal for you.

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